Thursday, April 06, 2006

We want family union not family breakups.

Dear Modern Supernakah and Modern Ravans ,

You know we call you ladies as Suparnka's here in india? I'll tellyou why. Becuz it was Suparnka who wanted everything by her way and that's why her nose was cut!!! Now lets compare with seeta. who was a lady who was from such a rich and royal family. and even then shesacrificed everything to go on with Lord rama on exile. thats why seeta is still remembered and not suparnka.

But the fact is , Seeta had been sufered and paid heavy price for a Supernakah only .

So this was the comparison.

Now coming back to our issue that mainly revolves around the career orientation.Everything is destined and shall work properly if its working according to the law of nature which defines its functionality. Men are supposed and known as bread earners of the family and woman as homemakers. Even supreme court of india has defined men as bread earner of the family.So a man is supposed to work and earn and a woman to make an ideal household.

Now bonus points to be considered. if a man is helping the lady in the household chores as long as it doesnt hurt his primary objective i.e. earn money, its a bonus point and not a compulsion.

Similarly, if a woman is earning as long as it doesnt hurt her primary objective, i.e. make a home, its a bonus point and not acompulsion.

Now where the conflict starts. Woman think men are envious of their earning and get jelous when they supersede them in career. ha haha!!!!!!! joke of the day, lady!!!!!!

Why should they do that? Men are men and nobody can supersede men cuz that's why they are called men and not woman. why dont you say its a woman's word instead ofsaying its a MAN"S WORD?????????? Nature has defined it.

So no arguments over it. Simply accept that fact. Now coming to the Nature. And that's where I am going to get a bit dirty but you know its a naked fact and you cant deny that. That is goin to hurt you, but you know, thats a fact and now accept it bravely.

"You know even God knew that woman are dirty. They hey that dirty blood inside them. You know that. and it comes out in form of menses during the menstrual cycle. And thats why God has made your life miserable also. Be a female peon or be a female chairperson of a company 3 days are like hell of them. They bleed and they cant copulate, they cant work. They have that stupid pain in their stomach and those dirty thoughts which are their in youmind come out in form of dirty blood from the passage of which youtake the advantage the most. That also gets dirty and its a time thatduring when you openly invite a man, be you be the most beautiful andsuccessful woman in the world, no man shall be ready to evencompulate with you. thats where you worth comes on the foreground.and aaaah, those painful 3 days every month, what to do about that? keep on taking baralgon, your success cant stop your menses. That some naked truth. "

Next, its called here in India "chahey kaddu gireychaku pe ya chaku girey kaddu pe, katega kaddu hi" (meaning where apumpkin falls on a knife or a knife falls on a pumpkin hardlymatters. Only the pumpkin shall be cut!).

Same as in here. thats why men have an organ and woman dont. God has made them that way only. A woman cant enjoy compulation unless it hurts her. She'll enjoy only when the compulation is hurting her.

No hurt and no enjoyment. So immaterial whether the woman is on the top or a man is on the top. The organ of a MAN SHALL go inside the vaccuum of a woman. She lacks organ and she is made to be penetratedby a man. That's nature lady.

Now lets come down to a nutshell.

"We Indian men dont have any problem with working woman, fine go ahead and make you carreer, we are NOT going to stop you. But PLEASE, dont sulk and desert us if we just become homakers!!! We tolerate when you dont earn and sit down and eat jalebi's and dry fruits and buy jewellaries and new sareers and diamond neckless pay for theapartment and earn for the kids and earn money for your kitty partiesfrom our hard earned, swetting money. "

Fine, go ahead, we are now ready to become homemakers and you go out in the streets and earn for us and our kids. We WONT have any issues.

Hope all the MEN in the universe shall agree with me. We are ready to become the weaker sex now.

But we want family union not familybreakups.

If you have any ferocious comments on my comment, do write back to me if you are a woman and drunk your honest mother's milk, I shall reply back with appropriate answers, what is a MAN's WORD!